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New Features


Why Should You Register to the Website?


The content on the site is open to everyone. However, signing up allows users to take advantage of all the site's features: 

·      Once you sign up, a carousel called "Recent Views" appears on your homepage, which contains any class or article you visited recently, provided you were registered on the site and signed in at the time. This carousel allows you to quickly pick up where you left off.

·      Only registered users can sign up for various series and receive content directly to their email.

·      You can shape your own carousels. Choose your fields of interest and get a glimpse into the worlds of content relevant to you. To choose these carousels, scroll over your username and click on "My Profile." The carousels will be continuously updated from the assortment of content on the site.

How Do Carousels Improve Your Surfing Experience?


On the site's homepage, carousels on numerous topics await you – the weekly parashadaf yomi, holidays, Talmud, Tanakhhalakha and Jewish thought. The site's staff dedicates many hours to find interesting and relevant content at any given time. We invite you to scroll through the carousels, pick a class or an article and get lost in some Torah. 

How Do You Find Where You Left Off?


The carousel "Recent Views" saves the last several classes and articles you visited so that you can easily find them again and return smoothly to the place you left off.

If you want to remove an item from this carousel, click on the trash can above it, and it will disappear from your homepage. 

How Can You Get Updated About New Content?


You found a series of classes you like? Want to follow it and receive updates whenever a new item is added to it? Sign up for the series and receive updates directly to your email.

How Does Your Advanced Search Work?


The search option has several new features.

·      When you type in the search bar, the site will autocomplete a search for an author, series or subject. If you click on the suggestion, it will offer you the items under that heading, which will be automatically selected for you on the menu to the left of the page.

·      When you search using the search bar, you will receive only those results that contain all the terms you entered in the text of their title, body or teaser. Meaning if you type "Jerusalem" and "Zion," you will receive only items with both "Jerusalem" and "Zion" in them. 

·      Please note that the search results will include those in which the term typed is part of a longer word. For instance, if you type "grow," items with the word "growth" in them will appear as well.

·      A menu from which you can choose various parameters appears on the left of the screen. You may use it to further limit your search results to specific subjects, authors, series or types of content to find exactly the item or field of interest you want.

Watching Video Lessons


Some of the video classes have attached source sheets so you can watch with the source sheet in front of you.

Listening to Audio Lessons


The audio classes are perfect for listening while driving, running or completing a variety of other tasks. We suggest finding a new idea on the weekly parasha while getting ready for Shabbat. Try it out and enjoy!

The Series Archive


The website has a comprehensive archive of series, which includes all of the numerous series on the site, in both Hebrew and English. You can scroll through it for hours, but we suggest using the search option if you are looking for something specific.